Welcome to SALINATOR

Salinator AB, founded by Eskil Söderlind, is a company committed to jointly move life science and business forward.

The company is a hands-on consultancy firm, offering in depths analysis and evaluation in the life science business area.

Serving clients since 2007, Salinator has extensive experience and understanding to rapidly and accurately execute smaller as well as larger, more complex, project tasks.

Key values for Salinator are professionalism, accuracy, transparency, speed and value for money:

The objective for Salinator:

“Advancing the clients understanding for a better decision making.”

Our Services Make a better decision

The life science business area is crowded with complex business intelligence information. It is difficult and time consuming to evaluate, analyze and structure this information – it is here Salinator can help. The company has broad experience and understanding of different business intelligence areas like science, patents, developmental issues and market/strategy considerations, all includedin a life science business case.

Salinator´s main goal for each assignment is to improve the client’s understanding in the complex life science business area. This improved understanding will help and support the user to make better decisions for his/her business. That’s why the overall objective for each and every of Salinator´s assignment is

“Improved understanding for a better decision.”

Salinator looks forward to discuss your business case.